This week in Eindhoven, the last of the major international design fairs of the year – Dutch Design Week, is underway. Our traveling flagship show Liminal – Irish design at the threshold makes its third international appearance for 2015 in Klokgebouw (more on that here), and we have also been investigating the fascinating and highly conceptual exhibitions around the city.


We visited the graduate show at Design Academy Eindhoven with Angela O’Kelly, Head of Design for Body and Environment at NCAD and co-curator of Liminal to see what caught her eye.


WEATHERNESS by Surya David White

A range of textiles to encourage a more harmonious relationship between people and the weather. The shifting patterns of the wind are made visible in the scale like structure of her fence covering that acts as a second skin for urban spaces like scaffolding while sunlight is harnessed to communicate changing temperatures in her reflective jacquard weave.




Researching the difference between the man-made and the machine-made, van Herpt has designed a printer and extruder to attempt to bridge the gap between the two. Driven by a desire to 3D print functional and food safe objects on a human scale, his machine can vary the textures, surfaces, shapes and sizes and create some of the world’s thinnest 3D printed ceramics.



HOLY CRAP by Pim van Baarsen

An innovative waste sorting scheme to encourage recycling in Kathmandu, where only a fraction of waste is recycled with the majority dumped or burned. Holy Crap encourages families in Kathmandu to use different coloured bags for different types of recyclables and each bag earns credits for families to purchase products or services, like phone credit. 



10 + 1 by Ina Klepper

During her internship at IKEA, Klepper researched ways to re-purpose waste produced by the company.  She discovered that by adding textile waste to clay, the same amount of ingredients yielded 11 bowls instead of 10 with the added benefit of reducing their weight and leaving textural marks to make each piece unique.




Words by Alex Calder.

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