A’ Design Award & Competition is delighted to announce that Dublin, Ireland has been named World Design Hub 2015 by the International Association of Designers and the A’ Design Award & Competition.

With the support of Irish Design 2015 – a year-long national and international celebration and promotion of the best of Irish design, craftsmanship and creativity – renowned designers from around the world will help to plan a varied schedule of events in Dublin. There will be exhibitions, workshops, festivals, talks and more, all based on design themes and designed to have a positive social, cultural, environmental and economic impact.

The World Design Hub designation provides the ideal platform to promote the skills and talents of Irish designers to a worldwide audience. Irish designers will engage in an exchange of knowledge with international counterparts and gain access to new business and trade opportunities. 

2015 is an exciting year for Irish design and an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate Irish design at home and abroad. It is a chance to build on the success of the thriving Irish design sector, create new jobs and opportunities and realise the full potential of Irish design to contribute to economic growth.

As a part of the World Design Hub Dublin 2015 and Irish Design 2015 initiatives, Dublin will undertake an ambitious programme of design events including:

  • Here/Now
  • Appetite for Design
  • Second Skin
  • Portfolio
  • The Future is Here
  • A’ Design Awards
  • In the Making
  • Hidden Heroes – The Genius of Everyday Things

Building on the international reputation of Ireland in design and creative fields, Irish Design 2015 and the World Design Hub events together have the potential to act as a catalyst, propelling Ireland into the international rankings of creative, innovative and design-led economies.

A detailed program of events is available at http://www.worlddesignhub.com/Dublin-2015/



Words by Alex Calder.

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