Platinum, A’ Design Award Exhibition

1.10.2015 –

Irish Design 2015

2015 is the year of Irish Design, and the International Association of Designers has named Dublin the 2015 World Design Hub. To celebrate this accolade we are delighted to host the A’Design Award exhibition. The A’Design Award aims to highlight, promote and advocate good design, honouring the best designers, architects, engineers, studios, brands and design led companies from across the globe.


This exhibition features the 2015 A’Design Award platinum winners, the highest calibre award available, representing a diverse range of design disciplines. These winning projects invite debate on what good design is and can be. Platinum provides a set of rich case studies for Irish designers, companies and clients to consider, examine and discuss. Design shapes our daily lives, influencing how we interact with each other and with our environment. Platinum, A’Design Award Exhibition demonstrates the power of design to solve today’s often complex problems through innovation. Design can, at it’s best, be a powerful catalyst for universal change.


To coincide with this exhibition, gallery visitors are invited to submit original designs to the Platinum Design Competition. Visit the exhibition, exchange ideas and propose your own useful, impactful and meaningful design solutions to a number of challenges. Imagine, create and submit your design to begin your own journey towards being an award-winning designer.


Alex Milton, Programme Director, Irish Design 2015


Related programme of events:

- Daily guided tour of Platinum with gallery mediators - 3pm

- Platinum Design Competition - 1 - 30 October

- Symposium: Making Design Matter - 30 September

- Symposium: Design Now - 5 November

- Design Bites - 1, 15, 29 October

- Design Sessions - 3, 17, 31 October

- Schools: Platinum Design Challenges - 5 - 30 October

- Family Day Design Workshops - 3, 17, 31 October

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