Design Bites Talk: Design for Food With Jordan Ralph and Lara Hanlon

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

As part of the programme around Global Irish Design Challenge exhibition at the Coach House, Dublin Castle, we present a series of design talks, in which two designers are invited to speak about their innovative projects connecting within a common theme. Design for Food brings together two angles on design for food: Lara Hanlon who created éntomo—a new food perspective and online resource that encourages learning about insects as a food source and Jordan Ralph Design who designed a bespoke presentation box for Tullamore D.E.W. Trilogy.

éntomo provides information about entomophagy, tips for cooking with insects, events and insights from around the world, to help adapt a lifestyle that is sustainable and nutritious. éntomo attempts to stimulate and promote change in sustainability: attempting to tackle some of the problems that western urban-centric societies face such as global warming and depleting land resources used for agricultural farming.

Tullamore D.E.W. Trilogy is a 15 year-old, triple distilled, small batch whiskey. This very special whiskey is matured in three different oak casks that have held bourbon, oloroso sherry and golden rum, to create a unique and complex flavour. The concept for this design was that it should be produced in small run batches, like the whiskey it would contain, and gifted to tastemakers worldwide.


Upcoming talks include:

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21 July, 1.10pm Equestrian Design
Micklem Bridle with William Micklem
BloodCaptor with Heinrich Anhold, StableLab

4 Aug, 1.10pm Fashion Design
THX.OBJ with Nora O’Murchú
Tailored/Sur Mesure with Maria Cárdenas

18 Aug, 1.10pm Design for Children
LittleBig Bikes with Simon Evans
ROY with Alan Shannon, JAM Media

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

The Coach House, Dublin Castle

Coach House, Dublin Castle, Dame St, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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