Design Bites Talk: Equestrian Design with William Micklem and Heinrich Arnold

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

Global Irish Design Challenges exhibition open daily 10am-4.45pm

As part of the programme around Global Irish Design Challenge exhibition at the Coach House, Dublin Castle, we present a series of design talks, in which two designers are invited to speak about their innovative projects connecting within a common theme. Equestrian Design brings together two perspecives  on design for horses: William Micklem who created Micklem Bridle, new bitless humane design currently the top selling bridle in the world and Heinrich Arnold developer of StableLab a portable equine blood test system and BloodCaptor, a novel blood collection device.

The current bridles and nosebands used on horses can cause huge discomfort and pain. Working from the anatomy and physiology of the skull William Micklem has designed a more humane bridle and noseband for horses, that is also a lunge cavesson and bitless bridle. It is hugely successful and is currently the top selling bridle in the world. The Micklem bridle overcomes all the areas of discomfort common when using traditional bridleware and is a more humane alternative. It is an Irish designed product manufactured and distributed by an Irish company, Horseware Ireland, and is now available throughout the world and has been a game changer in this market.

StableLab is a new blood test system that's different in 3 ways, it's handheld, it measures a new biomarker called SAA, and it works more like a thermometer than a lab report - helping you understand if a horse is sick or not right at the horse's side. StableLab can be used to detect infections and it also tells you if antibiotic treatment is working. For use with our blood test they designed and developed BloodCaptor, a medical device which has the potential to revolutionise patient-side blood testing. BloodCaptor was originally developed for horses but works on people too and can pick up blood from a fingerstick by using only a lancet, taking less than 10 seconds. StableLab are creative bioscientists who design medical and veterinary products.

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

Global Irish Design Challenges exhibition open daily 10am-4.45pm

The Coach House, Dublin Castle

Coach House, Dublin Castle, Dame St, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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