Design | Science | Belfast Design Week

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Belfast Design Week

A talk celebrating speakers working at the interface of design and science, offering the perfect networking opportunity for cross-discipline collaboration.


Speakers include:

- Kerrie Hanna, who is exploring the intersection between technology and craft and is currently making a ceramic 3D printer;  

- A. P. de Silva, a chemistry professor and a percussionist who works at the Queen's University Belfast - he has continued to relate chemistry to everyday life;

- and, Dr Verity Faith, who completed her PhD with a thesis on 'Designing for Dementia: An Assessment of the Impact of the Physical Environment on Wayfinding Success in Long Term Care Settings'

Belfast Design Week

The Book Reserve, Lisburn

407 Lisburn Rd, Belfast, Belfast BT9 7HN, UK

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