Hidden Stories of Design: The Secret Lives of Objects

19.03.2015 –

The Little Museum of Dublin

As part of Irish Design 2015, The Little Museum of Dublin is delighted to announce a new temporary display created in collaboration with the NCAD MA in Design History and Material Culture. Participating MA students have each chosen an artefact from the museum’s collection to research and analyse. Unearthing the fascinating histories behind seemingly mundane things, their findings suggest the many ways the design, circulation and use of objects afford us new understandings of life and experience in the city. 

With research, seemingly inert and everyday objects come to life in unexpected ways. Each object exposes networks of association - for example,  the links between Ireland’s greatest gambling racket, TB and a humble milk bottle; the relationship between sugar and celebrity in 1930s Dublin; how the study of the anatomy of birds informed the design of a hair-dryer; how small alterations to a simple tape measure enabled a blind-deaf doctor to function in a seeing, hearing world; the links between Dublin’s docks, food shortages and the railway.

This fascinating display can be seen on the first floor of the Little Museum of Dublin from 19th March - 30th April 2015. Kindly supported by ID2015. A symposium and publication launch on the display and research will take place in the museum on Saturday 25th April 2015.

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