Mulranny Geodesign Workshop

3.09.2015 –
9.30am – 5.00pm

Mulranny Community Futures Group in association with UCD School of Architecture

The Mulranny Geodesign Workshop, part of an ongoing collaboration between UCD School of Architecture and Mulranny Community Futures, and facilitated by Prof. Carl Steinitz and Hrishi Ballal, will pilot a locally led design approach to the built environment, landscape and coastal interfaces of Mulranny, Co. Mayo, using the Geodesign Model.

The workshop will use the Geodesign Alternative Future Framework as developed by Professor Carl Steinitz in his teaching in Harvard Graduate School of Design, a frameowrk that has been specifically designed and developed to aid in the strategic planning and design process of large-scale landscapes and environments.

In recent years, Steinitz and PhD candidate Hrishi Ballal have been developing a software interface for this methodology, which allows users in a workshop setting to quickly test scenarios in response to thematic spatial challenges. While this methodology has been used in many different countries already, this will see its first application in Ireland and this project will pilot its use as a community based design tool.

Ten teams of two to three will, over the course of two days, design, present, assess and negotiate the future strategic decisions in relation to the community’s recognized thematic questions, including housing supply, public space, location of sports pitches, control of invasive species, water attenuation and flood control.

The workshop will be directed by Professor Steinitz, with technology support by UCL PhD candidate Hrishi Ballal and will have input from 10 invited expert participants from UCD School of Architecture and relevant partners. The project is part of a three to five year collaboration between Mulranny Community and UCD School of Architecture. 

Mulranny Community Futures Group in association with UCD School of Architecture

Mulranny Park Hotel

Mallaranny, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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