What if Dublin…...

14.03.2015 –

ID2015 and St. Patrick's Festival

What if Dublin......

We are an anonymous collective of Architects, Urban Designers and Furniture Makers who seek to re-imagine the Public spaces of Dublin, to encourage the citizens of Dublin City to engage with their surroundings, to open up debate on how we use our public realm and to explore what futures we might be able to imagine for these spaces.

Each project begins with the question “What if Dublin….” Each of these questions develops into a study of specific spaces within the City. Using Twitter as our primary speaker box, we post a photograph of the space or place or idea in question. This is followed by an image of the space as we imagine it could be used for the city. Comments / submissions are welcomed from the public and, in general, wild debate ensues.

What if Dublin..... Locations:

New Street/Kevin Street Upper

Grattan Bridge (bottom of Capel St)

Moore Street

Abbey Street Upper

Smithfield Wholesale Fruit and Veg Market 

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