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Love & Robots

Love & Robots

Love & Robots

Love & Robots are a Dublin-based design studio that works at the intersection of art, digital design and technology. With a passion for both design (love) and 3D printing (robots), they push the boundaries of design and technology to create beautifully crafted, customisable, unique products for design lovers everywhere.

Love & Robots is een vormgevingsbureau die werkt op het snijvlak van kunst, digitale vormgeving en technologie. Met een passie voor vormgeving (liefde) en 3D-printen (robots) verleggen zij de grenzen van vormgeving en technologie om prachtige, bewerkte, aanpasbare, unieke producten te creëren voor liefhebbers van vormgeving.

Niamh Lunny


Niamh Lunny

Niamh Lunny is Head of Costume at the Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s national theatre. She has designed costumes for The Abbey Theatre, ANU, The Performance Corporation, Fishamble Theatre Company and Rough Magic along with many other film, TV and theatre companies. She has also designed sets and visual art for the Peacock, The Abbey Theatre and The Big House Festival.

Niamh Lunny is hoofd van de kostuumafdeling van het Abbey Theatre, ANU, The Performance Corporation, Fishamble Theatre Company en Rough Magic, naast vele andere film-, tv- en theaterbedrijven. Ze heeft sets en beeldende kunst ontworpen voor de Peacock, het Abbey Theatre en het Big House Festival.

I love Robots








Nylon polyamide.


Love & Robots

Plumage is the world’s first 3d printed, free-moving, customisable cape. We collaborated with Niamh Lunny, head of costume design at the Abbey Theatre. We’d been working with 3D printed chain mail, and we were excited about the idea of being able to push that further. We both trained as architects, but we’d been making jewellery and accessories, and as Niamh is in costume, our collaboration was obviously going to be something wearable.

Niamh understands how textiles work, and how to lay out a pattern to create the overall form. As she put it, chain mail behaves like a fabric, so we’ve actually created a new kind of textile. Each piece is a solid, rigid piece of nylon, but because of the chain mail structure, each “feather” moves independently. So, with 6,000 moving pieces, it’s fluid and free moving, it rustles, it tinkles.

The cool thing about 3D printing is that now we’ve created the file (it took weeks and weeks, as each of the 6,000 parts has to be drawn in space, not touching another), every feather can be customised. Then, the printer makes it, all in one go. You can’t see it, unfortunately, as it’s in a vat of powder. Lasers are zapping it, and it takes about a day, and then you pull it out fully formed and shake it out. There is some post production, but that’s more or less it.

Emer had done a Masters in the USA in Digital Design, and realised 3D printing was going to change everything. What excites us is that you can make anything, and each thing you make can be different, but all of a really high quality. We teamed up with software developers, so that each of our Love and Robots products is unique, and customisable.

Iris van Herpen and Chanel have experimented with 3D printing, you see some on the catwalks, but our cape is the first of its type, the world’s first, customisable 3D cape. And yes, it will be for sale on our website. We have just opened our first pop up shop at Fumbally Exchange on Dame Lane, Dublin. There will be iPads, so you can come in and customise, then take your own unique piece away.