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Emma Cahill
Wearable Objects


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Oct 17-25


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Emma Cahill

Emma Cahill

Dublin-born jewellery designer Emma Cahill creates wearable objects with an innovative approach to jewellery that focuses on gardening tools. Her main source of inspiration comes from her mother’s back garden and the hard work that goes into it. Gardening is a tiring process of hacking and cutting but the results are beautiful and rewarding.

Emma’s focus is on the gardening tools that aid this process using a range of materials from traditional metalwork
techniques, new technologies and hand dying. The colour inspiration comes from the graduating hues of tulips, hydrangeas and the deep hues of beetroots. Emma aims to promote jewellery that uses interdisciplinary techniques
and challenges current conceptions of nature. Emma has just completed a BA in Metals and Jewellery with History of Art at the National College of Art & Design. She has received recognition for a number of awards and was the winner of the Mark Fenn Award from the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. She has also worked for a number of international jewellery makers and companies. Since September 2015, Emma has been attending Central Saint Martins in

Emma Cahill is een sieradenontwerpster. Ze creëert draagbare voorwerpen, geïnspireerd door de achtertuin van haar moeder. Emma verkent de zeer fysieke, inspannende activiteiten van tuinieren en metaalwerk als vergelijkbare processen met prachtige, delicate resultaten. Ze gebruikt interdisciplinaire technieken, waarbij ze traditioneel metaalwerk, nieuwe technologieën en handverven gebruikt voor haar werk.






Hand-dyed, 3D printed plastic, rubber tubing, silver.
50cm x 20cm.