In The Fold

1.05.2015 –

ID2015 and Kildare Village

Kildare Village in association with ID2015 are delighted to present ‘In the Fold’; a fashion exhibition which showcases the work of the most exciting and emerging young Irish fashion design talent.

Curated by Gemma A Williams – a London based Irish curator – and under the direction of Fashion & Textiles Advisor Aisling Farinella, ‘In The Fold’, premiered at London Fashion Week earlier this year at the International Fashion Showcase 2015.
This is the first time that the exhibition, which features the work of designers Rory Parnell Mooney, Michael Stewart, Caoimhe MacNeice, Naoise Farrell, Richard Malone, Jocelyn Murray Boyne, Oliver Duncan and Laura Kinsella has been showcased in Ireland. 

In the Fold is a touring exhibition commissioned as part of Irish Design 2015.  Launched as part of the International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week 2015, it showcases the young Irish graduates who together are changing the face of Irish fashion design today. In their collective output we see this singular identity emerging, assured and confident. This new confidence among emerging Irish designers is allowing them to deal with issues and often clichés of Irish identity but to navigate these with a contemporary bravery. These designers’ output recognises the role of fashion and making in daily life as well as the importance of the concept behind design.

ID2015 and Kildare Village

Kildare, Ireland

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